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Once your operations are up and running, Scandic Sourcing can offer a range of services to support your China operations, such as:

• Outsourced HR

Before your organization is large enough to motivate your own competent HR resource we act as HR directors. This means we help you to keep your HR policy updated to keep up with new regulations, advice you and help you apply policy

• Recruitment

Our HR team can also help you set your first team in place. We help you to put together a balanced team from the cleaning lady to the general manager.

• Accounting Service

Accounting companies in china are very focused on satisfying the tax bureaus need for information. We help you to do that but also to give you management information in English for your home office.

• Interims Management

Before you have found or sent over a general manager we can assist to run your company. Practically this means we control the company seals and direct your staff.

• Supervisor Support

A supervisor is a defined requirement in a company. The position has a legal responsibility and report the companies compliance to the government and the home office. We can take this responsibility in combination with HR and accounting support. In addition to the legal duties we monitor the operation, report to the owner and are on standby for any emergencies.

• Management Consulting

Based on our teams rich experience in China we can assist you with many other questions.

Talk to us about your ideas and we will propose a solution for you.

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