Are you unsure about the state of your supplier's operations?

Scandic Sourcing conducts limited or continuous on-site audits at your Chinese supplier's plant. What quality procedures and systems have your supplier in China implemented? Does your Chinese supplier have a quality system in place? Is the staff adequately trained in how to operate the plant's equipment? How does the supplier handle incoming goods? Scandic Sourcing makes a supplier audit based on a customized benchmarking procedure, carried out by our experienced sourcing team, and produces a complete report about the state of your supplier's operations. We also suggest specific recommendations for each area of inquiry.


Based on a number of areas, as shown in the graph above, Scandic Sourcing's engineers produce a detailed report and suggest improvements.

This audit can be a single audit, done within a specific time scope, or a continuous audit where we follow up your supplier regularly for a long term inspection process with gradual improvement goals.

The supplier audit is part of Scandic Sourcing's Audit Services which includes Code of Conduct Audits and Quality Audits.

Please contact Scandic Sourcing for more information about our supplier audit.