There are an endless number of suppliers in China and it is easy to find one on the internet. Some of the suppliers in China are real manufacturers but many are trading companies. Because most Chinese manufacturing companies do not have export licenses, they often work with trading companies. However, a trading company sometimes has its own agenda. The quality of the Chinese suppliers varies a lot, and it is important to select a supplier that offers the right combination of service, price, and quality to fit your needs. The suppliers you meet at exhibitions and those who have websites are usually the most eager ones to catch a foreign customer, but these suppliers might not be the most suitable for you.

However, do you know what is behind a nice website or a well-decorated exhibition booth? Do they really produce the products themselves? Do they have the capability to produce what you need? Are the samples representative of the daily production? Is this a supplier who can work with continuous improvement processes? Are there any hidden risks?   

We go behind the website, the exhibition boots, and the factory walls to find the real picture for you. Finding out beforehand will save you lots of time and money down the road.


finding suplier

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Evaluation of suppliers

Scandic Sourcing conducts consulting studies where we, in a systematic way, look into an industry. We can find the leaders and the competent management teams who possess the correct production machinery, the clean and organized factories, the working quality systems, good environmental practices, good labour practices and the willingness to understand your needs.



We research a large group of suppliers in China and weed out all the unqualified ones. We then benchmark the qualified ones according to agreed criteria and pick out the best-fit companies. With our informative company profiles and short lists you can decide which companies you want to visit, place test orders or do further follow-up by yourself. This method is especially recommendable when you plan to develop suppliers to fit into your regular supply chain.


Source with Scandic Sourcing

  • It is always expensive, risky, and time-consuming to switch suppliers. However spending the money up-front is worth when you get it right.
  • We are on your side and look after your interests. 
  • Talk to us about your plans and let's together develop a sourcing strategy and supplier search proposal for you.