Sales Partners / Country Representatives

We are looking for sales partners all over the world to join our team.  We seek individuals with a solid industrial experience. International experience with or in China or another country is a plus.

You might have your own consulting business or is ready to start up a small company in your country with a profile of export consulting or production consulting. It is important that you have some kind of business network and can reach out to potential customers.

The business scope is to help companies in your country to work with production and sales in China. This means to search for partners, customers and suppliers, to provide studies for market entry, to conduct audits on current suppliers and to set-up factories and businesses and support our clients expansion in China.

We will provide competent and efficient sales support, project management and execution.You could complement with own consulting work in your country.

For more information please contact Per Linden, CEO at Scandic Sourcing or Fredrik Sundstrom, our Operations Manager.