The following are 12 reasons why Scandic Sourcing can handle your sourcing in China

nr1   We are based in China. 

nr2   We use world class systems in supplier management. 

nr3   We represent our clients. We don't take commissions from suppliers. 

nr4   We have an extensive supplier network in China. 

nr5   We share all supplier details and costs with you. 

nr6   We handle supplier search, procurement, quality control and logistics. 

nr7   We help you prepare the quality control system and monitor suppliers' SOPs. 

nr8   We audit your suppliers for their code for conduct standard (Health, Safety, Environment and Labour). 

nr9   We have senior international consultants with many years working experience in China. 

nr10   We have local staff with international understanding and good English. 

nr11   We offer supplier risk and gap analysis. 

nr12   We offer a competitive price.



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