Case Study: Little Mermaid Hot Dogs

Tina Damsgard is a Co-Founder of Little Mermaid; a Danish branch of the Danish hot-dog company “Trosborg Event”. The start-up company is currently working on establishing hot-dog shops in prime locations around Shanghai to build their brand on the Chinese market and is launching in April.

Little Mermaid uses Scandic Sourcing’s Business Support Office service for HR services, Back Office, administration, office space and recruiting.


Dominic is one of the biggest confectionary manufacturers in Eastern Europe, based in the Ukraine. In 2014, Dominic was looking to expand their chocolate exports to China and consulted the Scandic Group. The Scandic Group helped Dominic participate in SIAL 2014, China's biggest food fair to meet with potential distributors and partners.

Case Study: Envitool

logo envitool

Scandic Sourcing helped the company Notisum to start up their company in China, Envitool. Envitool offers companies active in China a comprehensive database for legal consulting regarding actual Chinese legislation. Envitool provides detailed explanations of legislation and can also provide related consulting services.

Scandic Sourcing assisted Notisum/Envitool with the company registration, recruitment of staff, establishing a business support office, as well as handling their accounting and tax reports. Scandic Sourcing is still providing HR services and have supplied Envitool with an office in downtown Shanghai. "We knew very little about the actual business environment in China, but thanks to the support of Scandic Sourcing we got advice and help with all practical issues. We feel safe in having someone like Scandic Sourcing that both understand the practical business environment in China and our way of working" says Bosse Fahlgard, Managing Director of Envitool.

Johnas Predire2

Predire Group is a family owned company from Sölvesborg in Sweden with around 100 employes working with test simulations and quality assurance for the car industry with notable customers such as Volvo, Audi, BMW and Mercedes. In 2014, Predire decided to expand to China with the help of Scandic Sourcing.


The Swedish Plastic Component company KB Components is in a start-up phase in China and needed help to construct and decorate an office inside their factory in Wuxi, China. They hired Scandic Sourcing who provided a project manager to oversee the project, attain local permits, and handle negotiations with third parties. With the help of Scandic Sourcing’s project management, the office was constructed and completed within the time frame and the budget set out by KB Components.


Simris Alg is a Swedish company that grows algae to make unique supplements and foods. The company was looking for suitable glass containers for their products and contacted Scandic Sourcing to find and procure the glass bottles in China.


The Swedish cleantech company OrganoClick wanted to find a Chinese distributor of finishing treatment Chemicals for their environmental friendly functional material and hired Scandic Sourcing who conducted a distributor search in China. After Scandic Sourcing made their recommendations, OrganoClick signed a distribution deal with a Chinese distributor with a large customer base in Shanghai for the sales of OrganoClick’s patented water repellant OrganoTex ®.

mtrstockholm    MTR Stockholm


Scandic Sourcing helped Metro Europe procure front shield windows for the Stockholm subway. Scandic Sourcing conducted a Supplier Search based on extensive criteria requirements from MTR Europe and found a suitable windshield manufacturer.