Due to rapid development and expansion, suppliers in China often lack the systems and procedures we are used to in the west. We have several programs to help you to work with your existing suppliers in China, developed during our many years of sourcing in China. With our supplier code of conduct program we audit your suppliers to ensure that you have a clear picture about the supplier's situation. Our audit also covers the key points regarding what is required for third-party supplier auditing under ISO 14000.


Supplier quality system audits

Many companies' quality systems deteriorate after the first approval and might not meet your requirements. We inspect the quality system on key points, measure status, and suggest improvement actions.


Supplier development

With our Supplier Development program we help you work with any suppliers that have weaknesses but the potential and willingness to reach the required standard levels. We actively coach them to develop and follow standard operating procedures to meet your international standards and help them to consistently improve quality, service, and lead time as well as decrease costs. Our Chinese-Western cross-cultural team serves as a bridge that builds an understanding between you and the factories. 


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