Case Study: Little Mermaid Hot Dogs

Tina Damsgard is a Co-Founder of Little Mermaid; a Danish branch of the Danish hot-dog company “Trosborg Event”. The start-up company is currently working on establishing hot-dog shops in prime locations around Shanghai to build their brand on the Chinese market and is launching in April.

Little Mermaid uses Scandic Sourcing’s Business Support Office service for HR services, Back Office, administration, office space and recruiting.

Johnas Predire2

Predire Group is a family owned company from Sölvesborg in Sweden with around 100 employes working with test simulations and quality assurance for the car industry with notable customers such as Volvo, Audi, BMW and Mercedes. In 2014, Predire decided to expand to China with the help of Scandic Sourcing.


Scandic Sourcing has assisted Envitool to set-up and support their China operations. Envitool offers companies active in China a comprehensive database for legal consulting regarding actual Chinese legislation. 

Envitools was founded by Bosse Falgard and Magnus Svernöv in 1996 in Sweden. With more than a decade of providing legal compliance tools and online law directory services to companies in Sweden, Envitool decided to take the step to China. With only 4 fulltime employees in Sweden this was a big step.