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If you're ever going to sell your products in China you should register your trademark now. Before someone else does!

To get a trademark protected in China you need to register the trademark in China. China has a first-to-file policy on trademark registrations meaning that the rights to the use of a trademark in China belongs to whoever is the first one to register it with the Chinese authorities. Only "well known" international trademarks have a protection from this. The potential consequences of having someone else registering your company or product name is not limited to that your brand is used in commercial purpose on the Chinese market. If you ever want to sell your own products in the country you will have to try to obtain the rights to your own trademark or risk getting sued. Both scenarios of which might cause tremendous financial consequences. That's why we recommend you to register your trademark as soon as possible if you consider ever acting within the Chinese market.

Also be aware that if anyone else plan to import and sell your product in China they need to make sure the trademark is protected or risk the same consequences as mentioned above. If you as the original trademark owner doesn't protect your trademark in China, the importer or distributor is forced to do it. And it might not be in your longterm interest to let them own the trademark rights.

Registering a trademark is fairly straightforward and inexpensive and well worth the effort. Register your trademarks today!