Machine supplier needed good quality parts at the right cost for a project in Europe.
Scandic Sourcing made a technical evaluation, selected a qualified factory, procured, set-up a quality control system and delivered the parts on time.


Multinational steel company wanted to source big size machined forged rollers.
Scandic Sourcing found and investigated the capabilities of over ten suppliers and finally recommended two for test orders.


International consulting company wanted to start a strong expansion in China.
Scandic Sourcing suggested and helped implement personnel policies, recruited staff, provided training and provided on-going support as an outsourced HR department.


Multinational company with multiple operating divisions in China wanted to improve purchasing coordination for better leverage and the exchange of supplier information between divisions.
Scandic Sourcing organized and led an internal team who developed shared systems for supplier data and supplier evaluation.


Multinational company needed management support in order to support a young growing organization.
Scandic Sourcing provided regular management support on an outsourced basis.


International company in China needed to build and reinforce its value system.
Based on customer needs, Scandic Sourcing designed and provided a code-of-conduct training program that amalgamated corporate values with the Chinese reality.


Scandinavian building material supplier needed a source of building materials.
Scandic Sourcing conducted a supplier search and qualified suppliers meeting the customer's criteria.


New European production company in China needed help with export documentation and shipment coordination for shipments of traded products to own plant in Europe.
Scandic Sourcing helped set up export routines, booked shipment, handled payments and provided coordination and reporting.


Building material distributor wanted to benchmark current agent suppliers in Europe.
Scandic Sourcing provided a study over price situation in the defined segment.


European company considered starting production facility for machining in China and needed comprehensive information for management.
Scandic Sourcing provided a pre-study with location analysis based on supplier base, sourced suitable machine tools, evaluated suppliers, prepared RFQs and technical quotation evaluations, evaluated industrial zones, investment policies and procedures, found suitable available buildings and prepared total investment and operating budget for the operation.


European company providing high quality machine components to the off-shore industry needed support setting up operations in China.
Scandic Sourcing negotiated factory lease contracts, assisted in setting up their company and legal structure, set-up internal control systems, set up HR-systems, recruited managers and staff, acted as project managers to fit factory with electrical supply, cranes and upgrading, designed office and monitored office renovation, purchased machine tools and monitored installation and testing.

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Multinational company had concerns about supplier code of conduct risk in China.
Scandic Sourcing developed a supplier code of conduct, developed supplier training program, developed audit program, trained purchasing staff, conducted supplier code of conduct audits and developed supplier performance measurement and tracking system.


Industrial group needed a machinery installation company for mega-project in Russia.
Scandic Sourcing searched and qualified Chinese installation companies.


US industrial products company with factory in China wanted alternative suppliers for investment castings.
Scandic Sourcing surveyed the market, qualified and benchmarked ten new suppliers and supervised sample production.


European beverage company needed to develop a new consumer disposable product.
Scandic Sourcing searched, qualified and benchmarked possible suppliers, worked with the design team and developed the product and production process until sample order.


European paper company wished to increase sourcing from China.
Scandic Sourcing provided training session for sourcing managers.


South American Company wanted new suppliers for steel tube products.
Scandic Sourcing searched and qualified several suppliers.


Nordic machinery company needed a production manager for a new facility.
Scandic Sourcing searched, qualified, benchmarked and recommended top candidates.


Swedish environmental technology company wished to start production in China.
Scandic sourcing provided feasibility study and budgeted operating costs for four different alternative strategies. After strategy decision, Scandic Sourcing helped to set-up and run the manufacturing company and provided outsourced HR, accounting and supervisor services.


European chemical company wished to expand sales organization in South China.
Scandic Sourcing helped to define candidate profile, advertised the position, interviewed, benchmarked and recommended a suitable team.


Scandinavian company had problems with non-conformities from Chinese sourcing suppliers.
Scandic Sourcing developed an audit system, audited whole supplier pool, identified risk suppliers, provided indebt audit and helped and trained key suppliers to improve their internal systems and procedure.


European investment company wanted to increase China sourcing for several of its portfolio companies.
Scandic Sourcing provided a dedicated retained team to build-up and qualify supplier base, coordinate orders and provide quality control.


European food machinery company wanted to start China sourcing.
Scandic Sourcing worked with divisions and identified sourcing parts. Executed sample orders for evaluation.


European food machinery company in China had problem finding suppliers in China for a complicated product.
Scandic Sourcing verified that there were no suitable suppliers in the target area, but identified three suppliers with the right technical ability in Western China.


Smaller Scandinavian company wanted to start sourcing in China.
Scandic set-up a system with a dedicated person handling their RFQ and order management as well as quality control and testing.