Scandic Sourcing is increasing capacity for supplier inspections due to the high demand. Supply chains have been stable during the last year, but many customers experience difficulties in sending personnel to inspect shipments and communication issues with suppliers are becoming more common.

Quarantine requirements make it more or less impossible to travel to China at this time. While China has basically no local transmission of COVID-19 since last spring, occasional cases occur with incoming passengers. Most of these are students returning from abroad. Foreign staff working in China with a valid working permit can also travel and return but other people are currenlty prevented from entering China, unless they get an invitation letter from a provincial government in China. This is possible for companies with factories in China to apply for through their local government contacts. Quaranatine requirements for all travelers are in cases for 2-3 weeks. In some cities the third week can be done at home. Please note that rules change frequently.


There are very few flights to and from China but airlines have advertized that they will increase schedules during the summer 2021.

 Scandic Sourcing is located in Shanghai but provides quality control service all over China. We specialize in industrial products, mechanical and machinery, offshore, electrical industry, but lately we have also expanded to consumer products, food and raw materials. If you need help with technical inspections in China please contact us to us to learn more.

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