Entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe meet every day in an office building in central Shanghai to realize their China ventures. The office is operated by former Sandvik Asia manager Per Linden, CEO of Scandic Sourcing who has launched the new concept Scandic Launch Pad which lets entrepreneurs and companies run their businesses in China without registering their own legal entities.

“The concept of a business support office is nothing new to Shanghai, but what separates Scandic Sourcing from the competition is that we have a trading company which means that our launch pad customers can invoice customers and hire staff in China without registering their own companies. That means you don’t have to wait for the long registration, and can be up and running the same day as you arrive in China”, says Per Linden.



At Scandic Launch pad we meet Kajsa who is working with the company Iqubator Fashion that helps foreign fashion brands find distributors and sales channels in China. With a background in information design, she now helps Iqubator with their overall launch process in China. “Scandic is unique because there are so many different departments working simultaneously in this building. And the communication between departments and businesses is really good, better than I’ve seen anywhere else”.

Another entrepreneur using the Launch Pad services is Tina Daamsgard who is trying to sell Danish hot dogs in China with her company Little Murmaid. She is currently using the administration and recruiting services from the Scandic Launch Pad and is also renting an office space. “One of the best things was that when we arrived in Shanghai we immediately came to an office where there were people that we could ask about specific issues relating to China. Entering the Chinese market as a young entrepreneur can be a daunting task, and it was quite comforting to have other people around at an office to talk to and to ask questions and get advice. The expat community in Shanghai is very helpful; but you definitely need a base when you arrive to start from somewhere, and Scandic Sourcing provided that with the Launch Pad”, says Tina.




Scandic Launch Pad recently expanded to also include a third floor, where we find the students Theo and Henrik from the Swedish Export Academy who are doing their internships with Scandic Sourcing and help market the Launch Pad concept. "Scandic Sourcing is a big organisation that has a long history in Shanghai - that's why I wanted to do my internship here", says Theo, 27 from Stockholm. "It's a good place to learn about sourcing and business in China".

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