1: Scandic Sourcing’s CEO Per Linden during Iranian national day in the EXPO.
2: The former Mayor of Malmö, Illmar Reepalu and Per Linden meets with the Iranian EXPO mangement.
3: Per Linden on an agreement signing with the Norweigian pavillion.
4: The Swedish pavilion, which Scandic Sourcing helped with staffing and recruiting.

The EXPO affected Shanghai greatly, and the inflow of organizers and investors during the EXPO presented a lot of new opportunities, especially for local consulting firms. 

After Scandic Sourcing's CEO Per Linden met briefly with the organizers of the Swedish pavilion during the EXPO, Scandic Sourcing was given the task to handle recruiting and administration for personell in the Swedish Pavilion. The assignment went well and soon enough other countries were interested in Scandic Sourcing’s administrative services.

When the 2010 EXPO was over, Scandic Sourcing had handled the recuriting of personell and staff management for Sweden, Norway, Iran, Colombia and Equador.

 - Shortly after the EXPO started, we had 300 employees in the EXPO area and a team of 10 people just for managing the others, Per Linden, CEO of Scandic Sourcing says. It’s another example of opportunity which can arise when you have a dynamic team, on site in China. We also found that this process was similar to the general process of starting up in China, with the administration involved in paying out the salaries, organizing work permits and so on. This experience made us even more knowledgable about HR/administrative practices involved in recruiting and setting up operations in China.


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