Happy Chinese New Year !

Thank you for your help and support in this year! Wish you a happy new year!

We will start new year holiday from Feb.15 2018 to Feb.21 2018 during this period of time company will be closed. 

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Looking back to summarize 2017 we've seen many new developments the will influence 2018. Here is our summary about some of the more important changes for those of you doing business in or with China.

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Political Stability

It is generally perceived that Xi Jin Ping got an overwhelming mandate to carry out his program and the personality cult built around him is compared to what Mao Zedong had. For foreign business it is one hand positive that there is a clear direction and that corruption has been severely curtailed. One the other hand it is quite clear that Xi’s policy is a China first policy and many of the initiatives and new rules coming out are still unclear and open for interpretation, giving uncertainty in compliance. Overall the trend is heading to a much stricter regulatory environment and especially for foreign companies.  As always in China the recommendation is not to try to interpret the written law as there are big time lags and often adjustments from announcement to implementation, always engage with your local government officials to see what policies are under implementation.


Xi has been ruthless in punishing with corruption allegations anyone who do not align to his leadership. With over 1.1 million punished officials one might wonder when this group become so big that it can become a political force.


We are looking for a Business Developer to join the team at our Shanghai office. The position offers a great opportunity to work in an international environment and with a broad spectrum of services within Business Consulting and Sourcing. 

Read the Job Description here. 

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Scandic Sourcing has got an assignment from three regional development centers and the Swedish Agency for Economical and Regional Growth to assist promising regional food companies to explore opportunities in the China market. The assignment includes to provide training and advice to small and medium size food producers on Chinese food standards, import procedures, market structure and to qualify able producers for promotion activities in China including partner search.

The participating partners are Dalarna Science Park, Invest in Skåne and  RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB.

The Project will be carried out the first half of 2018. 

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03oct14-andy-radovic-shutterstock-149807798-370x229On November 7, 2016, China’s National People’s Congress promulgateda new Cybersecurity Law. The law will come into force on 1 june 2017.

The Law applies to the operations, construction, maintenance and use of information networks in China, as well as administration and supervision of the network security. Any company that operates a WFOE in China are now required to censor any information that is seemed as critical or banned and are demanded real name registration for any user of services like instant messages.The new law also requires that all personal information for Chinese citizens and any important business must be stored on storage devices inside Mainland China. However, any data that is transmitted outside of China by any entity must first be reviewed and approved. The new cybersecurity law also states that no individual will be allowed to use the internet to endanger national security, spread false information that can have consequences on the economic order, maintain public interest, etc.