A supplier to the automotive industry is researching the possibility to start operating in China due to recent demands from automotive customers located in China, and is looking to establish a legal entity and to set up operations.

To get a clear estimate of what a move to China entails, the company has commissioned Scandic Sourcing to provide a Feasibility Study. Scandic Sourcing will provide them with a report aiming to clarify local procedures and set a time line and rough budget. Contacts will be taken with the tax bureau, labor bureau, industrial zones and other companies operating in the region to get the full picture of the cost and the scope involved in operating in China. 

 Scandic Procurement Solution

scandictradingScandic Sourcing recently rolled out a new Procurement Service on a subscription basis. The benefits are many if you are regularly procuring and exporting parts out of China and wants to assure getting the right pricing and a stable and safe supply chain. For a monthly sum, your company gets a base package of services such as price requests, regular communication with your suppliers, order placement handling, export documentation controls, and and evaluation of your supplier base. Read more about the Scandic Procurement Solution.