The Opportunity

China will in 2018 become the biggest imported food market globally. Many Chinese consumers are increasingly wealthy, has started to travel the world, are open for new influences and has a concern for food safety. These consumers look for imported foods where awareness of the products origin is more important than the brand. It is hence possible at this time to create a position with an unfamiliar brand. This opportunity will not last forever.

By targeting the high-end segment of China food market your company is able to penetrate the China market at a low risk, charging a premium price and initially with a relatively low volume.
Typical Client Situation
Your company is interested in entering the Chinese market with some of your food or beverage products. Before you make a full commitment you want to know more about the market possibilities, the suitability of your product, supply chain issues and options for marketing and distribution.
You would like a reliable partner in China.

Case Study: Envitool

logo envitool

Scandic Sourcing helped the company Notisum to start up their company in China, Envitool. Envitool offers companies active in China a comprehensive database for legal consulting regarding actual Chinese legislation. Envitool provides detailed explanations of legislation and can also provide related consulting services.

Scandic Sourcing assisted Notisum/Envitool with the company registration, recruitment of staff, establishing a business support office, as well as handling their accounting and tax reports. Scandic Sourcing is still providing HR services and have supplied Envitool with an office in downtown Shanghai. "We knew very little about the actual business environment in China, but thanks to the support of Scandic Sourcing we got advice and help with all practical issues. We feel safe in having someone like Scandic Sourcing that both understand the practical business environment in China and our way of working" says Bosse Fahlgard, Managing Director of Envitool.

Case Study: Predire Group

log prediretestcenter

Predire Group is a family owned company from Sölvesborg in Sweden with around 100 employes working with testsimulations and quality assurance for the car industry with notable customers such as Volvo, Audi, BMW and Mercedes. This year, Predire decided to expand to China with help of Scandic Sourcing. Scandic Sourcing established Predire's new test center in Jiading, close to Volvo, and took care of the company registration process. "We chose Scandic Sourcing because of their long experience in China and their technical know-how", says Johnas Rundgren, CEO for Predire in China.








Case Study: Little Mermaid Hot Dogs


Tina Damsgard is a Co-Founder of Little Mermaid; a Danish branch of the Danish hot-dog company “Trosborg Event”. The start-up company is currently working on establishing hot-dog shops in prime locations around Shanghai to build their brand on the Chinese market and is launching in April.


Little Mermaid uses Scandic Sourcing’s Business Support Office service for HR services, Back Office, administration, office space and recruiting.




"Entering the Chinese market as a young entrepreneur can be a daunting task, and it was quite comforting to have other people around at an office to talk to and to ask questions and get advice. The expat community in Shanghai is very helpful; but you definitely need a base when you arrive to start from somewhere, and Scandic Sourcing provided that".


Tina Damsgard, Co-Founder of Little Mermaid



tillvaxtverket new logo


Tillväxtverket erbjuder affärsutvecklingscheckar på upp till 250 000 kronor till små och medelstora företag för utvecklingsaktiviteter utöver den förväntade utvecklingen i bolaget. Ansökan är öppen fram till sista februari 2017. Scandic Sourcing kan hjälpa till med att förbereda er ansökan till Tillväxtverket och med aktiviteter i Kina som gör er berättigade att ansöka om tillväxtverkets affärsutvecklingscheck.

Checken ska användas för att göra något mer än er vanliga verksamhet. Det ska vara utvecklingsarbete utöver den förväntade utvecklingen i företaget.

• skriva en strategi för internationalisering

• göra marknadsundersökningar

• söka leverantörer i utlandet

• utbilda er inför en internationalisering

• utreda frågor om försäkringar, avtal och lagstiftning

• utreda patent och IPR

• utreda om det behövs produktionsanpassning eller marknadsanpassning av till exempel design, CE-märkning eller produktsäkerhet.

Checken kan inte användas till löpande affärsutveckling, materialinköp eller investeringar som har ett bestående värde. Inte heller till kostnader för patentansökningar, certifieringskostnader, delegationsresor, mässbesök eller marknadsföring.

Är ni ett företag med minst två anställda och en omsättning på tre miljoner kronor årligen och är intresserade av att undersöka en möjlig expansion till Kina kan Scandic Sourcing bli er partner för att förbereda er ansökan och era affärsaktiviteter i Kina. Scandic Sourcing kan bistå ert företag med leverantörssökningar, marknadsundersökningar och med projektanställning i Kina. Kontakta oss för mer information om att ansöka om affärsutvecklingscheckar till Tillväxtverket med Scandic Sourcing, eller läs mer på tillväxtverkets hemsida.

 Scandic Procurement Solution

scandictradingScandic Sourcing recently rolled out a new Procurement Service on a subscription basis. The benefits are many if you are regularly procuring and exporting parts out of China and wants to assure getting the right pricing and a stable and safe supply chain. For a monthly sum, your company gets a base package of services such as price requests, regular communication with your suppliers, order placement handling, export documentation controls, and and evaluation of your supplier base. Read more about the Scandic Procurement Solution.  

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